More adults heading back to school at Bakersfield College

More adults taking classes at Bakersfield College

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - School is now back in session at Bakersfield College and you might be surprised by the people you see in the classroom.

After last month's GET bus strike, Bakersfield college officials were worried that not as many students would be able to get to class. But since that's over with, classes are almost completely full with more adult courses being offered.
"You're going to see students of all ages walking the campus, and our average age is into the mid twenties into the average semester," said spokeswoman Amber Chiang.
To meet the demand, the college has added about 16 new classes, and predicts more than 18-thousand students will enroll. Among them, new courses geared towards "mature" students who want a change in career paths, like agriculture and business.
Plant propagation, animal science, and other agricultural careers, but we have engineering, we have welding, we have cat drawing and drafting, said Chiang.
Matthew Trimble worked in nuclear power for 25 years. He's now going back to school to manage his own power plant.
"I sat across the table from Mayor Harvey Hall, and he pointed his finger at me and said 'you're going to run this.' and i said, 'okay, i will,' which meant coming back to school, so that i have a degree," said Trimble.
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