More homeowners are considering moving out of Westchester Neighborhood


“For sale signs,” are slowly popping up throughout the Westchester neighborhood, but not because of a hot real estate market.

Homeowners living along the controversial 24th street Improvement Project are considering their options.

About a dozen homes are scheduled to be demolished to make room for more lanes on 24th street.

Some families have lived along 24th street for years without a problem, but additional lanes and the expectation of more traffic are some of the things homeowners are concerned about as 24th street gets closer to their front door.

Chuck Lamas created a sign and posted it in front of his apartment complex to express how he feels about the 24th Street Improvement Project.

“A lot of people honking horns.  Everybody don’t want it.  It’s dangerous, like a dead man’s curb,” he said.

It’s a concern shared by neighbors who say adding additional lanes to the busy roadway is bound to cause more than just traffic congestion.

“Too much noise and too many cars,” said resident Luis Grajales.

“There’s going to be more accidents. People drive too fast through here it’s supposed to be 40 miles around,” said resident Richard Lamas.

Homes, in blue on this map, are slated for demolition.  The city is already in the process of purchasing their land. 

“Westchester is a one of a kind, original, historic area, it’s probably the oldest area in Bakersfield. You have a lot of beautiful historic homes,” said David Boyd who is selling his home in Westchester.

Neighbors are worried the widening project will decrease their home value and the desire to live in Westchester.

“With the noise pollution, I’m not so certain that those people or at least the future would want to stay in their homes if they can’t really enjoy the pleasure of outdoor living,” he said.

“For Sale” signs are up including this home on the corner of 24th and Myrtle.  It’s been on the market for two months with multiple showings and no offers.  Realtors say potential buyers are worried.

“They’re going to have to deal with all of the construction, the bulldozing of the houses across the way and all of the construction for the next year or year and a half,” said Terrie Vaughn of the Vaughn Team.

The home is among the properties that will deal with six lanes, good investment realtors say once the project is complete.

“We don’t have that much of a turn over. We have seen more listings on the active market lately, due to the fact of the unknown. People are so afraid of the unknown, like the Westside Parkway that’s in now and it’s amazing. So, once we get it in then I think the prices will come back in that neighborhood,” she said.

Relators for the home at 2345 myrtle say the price is being lowered 35% from the value of $265,000 to $175,000.


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