More people turning to ride sharing apps as a result of the Get Bus strike

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The bus strike has forced a lot of people to search for alternative transportation to get around.  UBER and LYFT are two services now being used more by Get Bus customers who suddenly found themselves without a ride.

Jose Cardenas is putting in extra hours driving from one side of Bakersfield to the other, making sure people have transportation.

"Usually, I meet new people and they are really awesome," he said.

Cardenas works for both ride-sharing companies.  Since Get Bus employees went on strike, his business has been booming.

"I was just busy all day from the moment I logged on to the moment I logged off," said Cardenas.

Cardenas is picking up more new clients every few hours, and the strike is just beginning.

"The longer that they stay on strike the more people are going to look for an alternative way to get around the more they are going to hear about a cheap way to go around," he said.

While at school, the Get Bus was Andrew Shah's main source of transportation.  He understands why employees are now on strike.

"People who are working for Get Bus need to make more money because the prices for everything is just going up," he said.

Riders say having no bus service just gives ride-sharing companies the attention to build their business.

"They are really popular in San Francisco and L.A., its just another way for regular people to make extra money by taking other people around who don't have a ride," he said.

Bus riders, who use the service daily say the strike in itself is making a big statement.

"They feel they are not being treated correctly and they have a voice, it's their first amendment right to protest, to petition, to fight for what they think is right," said Jordan Espiritu of Bakersfield.

The app downloads are growing for both companies.  Drivers say they're confident many of these new clients will stick around once the bus strike is over.


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