More targeted breast cancer treatments help improve lives

Patients lead normal lives while battling disease

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - As Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicks-off Tuesday, October 1st, you're bound to see more women celebrating their win over the deadly disease. 

According to Dr. Ravi Patel, Medical Director at Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center, early detection is still one of the best defenses but new medicines and targeted treatments are also helping patients lead normal lives.

Patel explained, "there are more people alive today who have had cancer than have died from cancer so it's important to remember that and the future is definitely brighter and better". 

According to , one in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. 

23 ABC spoke with one survivor who said the disease actually made her a better employee.

"I've been where they're at and I try to give each and every one of them the help, the encouragement, you know 'you can do this', 'it can be done', 'hang in there'", Tiffani Hernandez said.

Hernandez immediately went from CBCC employee to patient when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005.

Nearly a decade later she is thriving and takes this month to appreciate those that got her through those difficult times.

Hernandez said, "my family, my kids and myself". 



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