More than 200 trees planted in Kern County

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Hundreds of trees were planted across the county today as part of a statewide campaign, but many wonder if the timing is right with the historic drought we are experiencing.

Volunteers believe that there will be long-term benefits from planting these trees.

"We're planting over 200 trees along the Kern River pathway, and 13 in the downtown area," said Cathy Butler from the Downtown Business Association.

"It will beautify the area and add some shade, make it look a little nicer cosmetically for the shoppers," said Samuel Valdez, a worker in the downtown area.

The City Parks Department was awarded a grant by "Invest From the Ground Up" and more than 1,100 trees were planted statewide.

"I think it's great, I'm really excited that we're planting trees," said Karla Adams from the American Heart Association. "We're increasing air quality, which we need here in Kern County."

Experts say breaking a drought typically comes with a torrential downpour, and Butler believes the trees are necessary.

"When it does rain, if there's no trees, it just rolls off the gutter, so when you have trees it maintains the water level," said Butler.

Some of the new trees also have red ribbons tied on them to help spread the word about Go Red month and help support women's health.

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