Mother offers rides to people celebrating New Year's Eve


If you’re planning to head out for the celebration tonight there are several options to help you get home safe and it’s only a mouse click away.

People looking for a safe, alternative ride home can do so by simply picking up your cell phone and heading to Facebook.

Jennifer David is on a mission.

“It’s crazy out there with the amount of drinking going on and when you’re drunk you’re not always thinking correctly,” she said.

She’s using her family car to help people celebrating the new year get home safe and sound.

“To prepare for the night we are going to the dollar store to pick up things that most people would not think of picking up such as industrial garbage bags for little accidents that might occur,” she said.

David is using social media sites like Facebook, to get her message of safe driving across.

“I’ve gotten a lot of messages about picking people up at this time or that time, here or there, that rather be riding with me, I’m a lot of fun rather than waiting on traffic or waiting for the taxi,” she said.

Through word of mouth, this Bakersfield mother is not only getting a chance to help friends party safe, but is also taking care of perfect strangers.

“Generally, I drive by and there are people waiting on the free taxi which are nice and a lot of them are probably contemplating going ahead and getting in the car and just driving because they don’t like waiting so when I pull up it’s kind of like, good option and they gladly get right in,” said David.

Providing safe transportation service has become an annual tradition and David wouldn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve any other way.

“Happy New Year’s, drive save or drive with me or drive with somebody who’s sober,” she said.

David travels with a second person for safety purposes and her service is $20 a person.


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