Mother, Tehachapi Unified School District settle lawsuit after gay teen's death

TEHACHAPI - The mother of a teen who killed himself after being bullied and the Tehachapi Unified School District settled a lawsuit brought by the mother in 2011.

In September 2010, 13-year-old Jacobsen Middle School student Seth Walsh committed suicide after harassment and bullying by his peers because of his sexual orientation.

Seth Walsh's mother, Wendy Walsh, sought compensation from the school district saying they failed to prevent the harassment. Wendy Walsh also sought a wrongful death suit against all the defendants in the case.

Wendy Walsh and the TUSD settled for $750,000 in March, according to Tehachapi News.

According to the complaint submitted to the Department of Justice, Seth Walsh was publicly harassed by students on the school campus being called numerous names including pansy, emo, sissy, queer and was told that he should burn in hell or kill himself.

DOCUMENT | (*Warning Strong Language*) Seth Walsh's Mother Files Lawsuit Against Tehachapi School District

The complaint said Seth Walsh alerted school administration of the bullying and they took no action.

Seth's Law, AB 9, was passed signed into law in 2011. The law requires all schools to have clear and consistent policies and timelines for investigating claims of bullying.

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