Mothers bond with children through yoga

Helps mothers deal with stress

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - When you think of doing yoga, your children may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but at Yoga Space in downtown Bakersfield, mothers can say 'Namaste' while bonding with their kids.

"This is a wonderful spot for people to come and bring their children," Donna Lyles, a member at Yoga Space, said.

"It's been a way to play and to learn his body, clap, and just have fun," Ashley Fontes, a yoga instructor, said.

The class focuses on building a strong bond with your child while helping new moms relieve upper back pain from carrying a baby and nursing. It's also a great way for mothers to find strength in each other during stressful times.

"We can find solutions and solve problems together," Fontes said.

The class meets once a week and can range from newborns to two years old.

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