Multi-car traffic crash caused by a suspected drunken or sleepy driver on SR-99, injuries reported

Multi-car traffic accident, SR-99 is clear

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - California Highway Patrol reported a car crash involving multiple cars and injuries on the SR-99 at Whisler Road. The northbound lanes on Highway 99 are blocked. 

On Sunday Morning around 7 a.m., Highway Patrol said they received a call that a suspected drunken or sleepy driver was driving southbound on the northbound lanes of SR-99.

Highway Patrol said the suspected drunken or sleepy driver crashed into three different cars on the northbound lanes at Whisler.

Highway Patrol is waiting to speak with the driver, who is currently in the hospital, for more information. 

In another incident nearby on the SR-99, Highway Patrol said a truck and two other cars were in an accident due to the heavy fog. 

Officials say it is unknown at this time when the lanes will reopen and the accidents are still under investigation.

Please refresh this page as more information becomes available. 

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