Multiple agencies in Kern County conducted a disaster drill Thursday


A huge disaster drill Thursday prepared emergency responders for a future catastrophe.

Agencies from all over Kern County gathered in one place today to test themselves and their plans all so they can be ready when the worst happens.

If the Lake Isabella Dam were to break it would flood most of Bakersfield in several feet of water leaving a wave of destruction. It’s that hypothetical situation the emergency workers were responding to.

In a disaster of that size all agencies in Kern County would be called on to respond and communication between them could be the difference between life and death.

Organizer of the drill tried to make it all as real as possible to test the abilities of the people we will rely on during the real thing.

Officials say it’s not a matter of if but when a major disaster hits Kern County and when it does they say most people will have to rely on themselves. So it’s important to have your own disaster plan in place.

Officials say they will study the results of Thursday’s drill to look at ways they can improve their disaster plan.

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