Mutilated dog finds love from the community as his health improves

Hooch found with no tongue


The French Mastiff found three weeks ago with no tongue and parts of his ears gone is now showing signs of improvement.

Rescue workers with Marley’s Mutts have been nursing him back to health.

Finding a loving family for Hooch is the goal, but the priority right now is improving his health and quality of life.

Close to a month after being found Hooch is slowly getting back on his feet, one day at a time.

“He hasn’t changed mentally. He’s just been living everyday for what it is, being happy in the moment,” said Zach Skow, executive director of Marley’s Mutts.

Rescue workers found the dog in bad shape at the Kern County Animal Shelter.

“He has no tongue what’s so ever and is unable to feed himself, water himself, regulate his body temperature, keep himself clean,” he said.

The three-year-old dog only weighed 52 pounds.  Rescue workers had to install a tube to feed him.  Days later, Hooch figured out a way to remove it leaving volunteers to manually provide food and water to him.

“We just have him sit or we have him sit in his bailey chair which we made especially for him to feed him,” said Skow.

Hooch eats about five cups of food and it takes rescue workers about ten minutes to feed him.  So far, they say he’s gained 13 pounds and needs at least thirty more to go.  The good news is he’s learning how to drink on his own.

“He’s figured out a way to hydrate himself like a chicken. He kind of pecks at the water and kind of throws it back and we’re working on a couple of ways to keep him hydrated, one is a large rabbit feeder and a couple of other inventions that we’re working on,” he said.



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