National shortage of organic eggs, some farmers trying to change that

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - All across the nation, major retail stores are posting signs notifying customers of a shortage on organic and cage-free eggs.

Here in Bakersfield there is a sign posted near the organic eggs at the Vons on Coffee and Hageman Roads.

The notification reads in part that “there is a national shortage caused by a significant increase in demand…we anticipate this issue to continue through April 2014.”

A 2011 study showed that nearly 78 percent of families choose organic produce over processed foods.

“I honestly feel better when I eat organic food, and I love shopping here at Lassens,” said Michelle Corson, who frequently buys organic food.

Farmers around California have blamed the shortage on new hen confinement regulations, higher feed prices and the weather.

Don Gilardi who owns RedHill egg farms has already tried to combat the problem on his ranch.

“We're adding hens at our home ranch and are adding hens at the rest of the producers that make up Redhill Farms,” Gilardi said.

Although organic foods cost anywhere from 20 to 100 percent more than regular food, customers believe it’s well worth the price.

“It’s high in price but good in health so it doesn't matter,” said organic eater Pedro Castruida.

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