Nationwide second amendment rights rally this Saturday

National rally against proposed gun control

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Nationwide people will come together Saturday, using their first amendment rights to defend their second.

It's being called the "Day of Resistance" a chance for people to raise their voices against Obama's proposed gun legislation.

23ABC spoke with local organizer, Tony Whitnack, about the significance of this national rally.

"There's 85 million gun owners in America and if we can get 85 million gun owners together with one voice can you imagine the message that sends to Washington, D.C.", Whitnack explained.

It comes in the wake of recent gun violence at school including the 26 students and teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary and the shooting at Taft Union High School.

Some lawmakers, including the president, are calling for a new assault weapons ban along with a ban on high-capacity magazines.

For Whitnack it's legislation that is targeting the wrong people.

Whitnack said, "we are tired of politicians trying to create laws that only affect the citizen, they don't affect the criminal. The criminal doesn't follow the law, it's the nature of the criminal that's why they're called criminals."

Saturday's local rally will be at Bear Mountain Sports located at 8032 Di Miller Drive at noon.

Organizer's insist openly carrying firearms at the event will not be tolerated.

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