Nearly 700 Grimmway Farms employees help clean Lamont

LAMONT, Calif. - Nearly 700 Grimmway Farms employees helped pick up trash around the city of Lamont, Saturday morning. 

Grimmway farms teamed up with the county's Keep Kern Clean program to help clean streets and alleys for 3 hours.

"Lamont is the home of Grimmway Farms and as you drive through Lamont there's a need for a clean up effort like this," said Bob Borda with Grimmway Farms.

Supervisor Leticia Perez also joined the employees to help with the clean up effort. She said more companies should model after Grimmway to help solve the litter problem that is seen all over the county.

"We can solve a lot of our problems here at a local level so it's exciting to see
Grimmway being a leader in making that happen," said Perez

Employees were designated to clean up over 20 different areas throughout the city. Lamont sanitation provided a large trash container to collect all the trash that was picked up by employees.

The event was also a time for families and co-workers to spend time together, as Grimmway provided a free lunch to all of their employees at the end of the day.

Officials with Keep Kern Clean said this was one of the largest clean up efforts that they had ever put together.


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