Neighbors concerned with dead coyotes left on side of the road

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Driving down golf course road near Taft Highway, a woman who did not want to be identified made a horrifying discovery as she was helping clean the side of the road.

She found at least ten dead animals, near Buena Vista Golf Course.  The woman took pictures and searched online to see if these were actual kit foxes or just coyotes.  What she found was a Facebook page called 'Coyote Challenge.'

On that page, a picture already posted showing these dumped dogs and several comments about neighbors being concerned over these dead animals sitting on the side of the road.

According to some of the posts, the dead coyotes were a result of a hunting game.

The woman who made the discovery noticed gun shot wounds on each of them.  One animal looked as if it was there for a long period of time, while the others looked as if they were recently dumped.

The woman tells 23ABC she contacted police, animal control and the USDA.

She is aware of hunting around Kern County, but says the hunters should not be leaving dead animals on the side of the road.


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