Neighbor's home video shows details of Lamont SWAT shootout and aftermath

LAMONT, Calif. - New Youtube videos are surfacing after the deadly SWAT shootout in Lamont last Thursday, Nov. 15.

The home video shot in what appears to be a next door neighbor's kitchen window shows a deputy in heavy armor take cover behind a truck. You can also hear hundreds of shots being fired into the shed where the 19-year-old suspect, Andres Aguilar, was killed.

In a second Youtube video the same neighbor showed the aftermath of the shed that was shredded by bullets during the violent standoff.

Both videos were posted to on Nov. 17, two days after the shooting.

(*Warning graphic video*)



(*Warning graphic video*)



Aguilar was originally pulled over for a license plate violation when he ran from sheriff's deputies and shot at them at least two different times.

Law enforcement officials say they found Aguilar hiding in a backyard shed Thursday morning. Aguilar opened fire on the officer's while hiding in the shed and was fatally wounded at 8:24 a.m. Thursday morning, according to sheriff officials.

Currently nine deputies are on leave while the shooting is under investigation.

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