Neighbors say former home of a fallen police officer has become a crime magnet filled with squatters


The home of a Bakersfield police officer who recently died has fallen into foreclosure and now neighbors say the home has been taken over by squatters.

Trevor Jones died in March of a sudden massive heart attack at the age of 23.   

County records show the home is still technically in Jones’ name and since his death the home has gone into foreclosure.

Neighbors called 23ABC news to say there were now squatters living in the home.

23ABC went to the home on Seager Ct. to see for ourselves, but the people inside weren’t very happy to see us.

Two men inside the house refused to talk to us and instead hurled expletives at us.

We spoke to 5 neighbors but none would go camera because they are afraid of the people who live in the home.

They say the squatters have broken into at least one home and one car since moving in last summer.

They say it’s a tragedy that a hero’s former home is now a crime magnet.

We also tried to get a hold of Jones’ family and his former fiancé but were unable to reach either.

Bakersfield police confirm they are investigating a possible squatting situation at that home.

They also confirm a burglary was reported in the area.

They say they are still investigating if the two are related.

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