Neighbors suspect arson in Oildale car fires

OILDALE, Calif. - Investigators with the Kern County Fire Department are trying to figure out what caused multiple car fires in Oildale early Sunday morning.

Sean Collins, Public Information Officer with the Kern County Fire Department, told 23ABC seven cars caught on fire off Blue Mountain Way in Oildale around 4:07 a.m. Firefighters received a call about the fires shortly after that.

Neighbors told 23ABC they woke up to a loud noise and walked outside to see cars on fire.

Two of Mitchell Shepard’s vehicles were damaged and Shepard told 23ABC he suspects arson.

“This thing went up really quick and it was too fast of a spread to just be an accidental incident. It definitely had to be a deliberate act,” said Shepard.

Collins said he can’t confirm it was arson, but said investigators are looking into the cause.



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