Neurofeedback therapy victim of theft, stolen specialized equipment could be helping people

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Patients of one unique business in northwest Bakersfield have had their therapy put on hold this week due to a burglary over the weekend.

On Saturday, Feb. 22 in the early morning, thieves broke in through the front door of Terrio Therapy on Calloway drive and stole valuables. However, another business located inside Terrio was hit hard by the burglary. Neurofeedback Train Your Brain uses specialized computer equipment that was stolen by the burglars.

"I had to cancel all sessions with my patients this week. These are people that are relying upon this therapy to help better their lives," said Kimberly Smith Van Metre.

Neurofeedback is a special form of neural therapy that is known to benefit everything from soldiers dealing with PTSD symptoms, people living with migraines and anxiety disorders to ADHD and other learning disabilities in children.

"These are not normal laptops. I have to get them from a specific company. They are of no use to the burglars or anybody they might sell them to," said Van Metre. "This was very frustrating, because I can't just borrow someone else's computer to run a session."

Van Metre has helped hundreds of people during the past five years she has been in business.

"It's heartbreaking to me that someone would break into her office and steal her computer equipment, something that they would have no use for, but something that helps other people tremendously," said Rebecca Murillo, whose 6-year-old son is a patient.

Murillo has seen positive results from many family members who began the therapy. Her 6-year-old son was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder that affected him socially and educationally.

"I started bringing him to Neurofeedback while I was at my wits end when he was 4 years-old. I had to pick him up from preschool once or twice a week because he was biting other kids and had other behavioral issues. This therapy has definitely made a difference in our lives," said Murillo.

Murillo's sister and mother both dealt with severe migraines that controlled their lives that completely went away after receiving the therapy.

"Because of my personal experience with chronic pain issues, I believe this is my purpose to bring Neurofeedback to Bakersfield and help others. I have gone through quite a bit to get it here, to keep it here. So this burglary is not going to stop me now," said Van Metre.

Nerofeedback, also called EEG biofeedback, in laymans terms, is brain exercise. Using the latest technology it provides a digital mirror for the brain. The technician monitors the patient's brain waves using electroencephalography, then reflecting those results back to the patient through a video screen.

The therapy allows the patient to make shifts towards a more appropriate stable brain state. It is said to enhance the central nervous system, improve mental performance, emotional control, and psychological stability.

Van Metre's insurance will cover the cost of the stolen equipment after she meets their deductible. She has purchased  one computer to resume some work, but is expected to be fully up and running by next week.


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