New app lets parents track their children and will notify community if child is missing


You know that saying "it takes a village to raise a child" well a new smartphone app is expanding on that idea in order to keep kids safe.

The app is called Lassy and its one of the newest tools parents can use to keep track of their kids.

The app is free and sends notifications to people in the area where a child goes missing and can even track them.

23ABC searched for missing children apps online and found there are a number of free apps available, but what makes this particular app unique is that it lets you set up a boundary for your child and then lets you know if your child leaves that area.

If your kid walks to school the Lassy app lets you input the route.

If your child leaves that route for any reason you will be notified.

Then you can either call your child or activate the system which will notify everyone nearby so they can help look for your child.

Even people who don’t have kids can get the app so they will be notified if a kid in their area is missing along with a picture and description of the child.

The app is just over a month old and its creators say the more people who download the free app the better it will work at keeping kids safe.

Everyone who signs up for the app is checked against the national sex offender registry and those on the list can’t get the app.

Bakersfield police say they think the app is a good idea and could help find missing kids quicker.

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