New Bakersfield staffing company helps people recovering from addiction get back to work

Compass Rose Staffing works with community

BAKERSFILED, Calif. - A new staffing company has opened its doors to help people recovering from substance abuse get back to work. And the program is also helping the community at the same time.

Amanda Nix lost her job last November due to her drinking.

"I went to work after I had been drinking. The company I had been working for called the police on me, I was arrested and went to jail," said Nix.

Since then, Nix has been in recovery. Part of her journey has been a stop at Vanguard Community Center in east Bakersfield, where she volunteers a few days a week.

"In recovery there's steps," said Lindsay Bachman, the staffing director for Compass Rose Staffing. "You get sober, and you start developing back into life and from there, there's that one missing puzzle piece."

That missing puzzle piece Bachman said, is finding a job. With a tarnished record, Nix said she had a difficult time finding work. So she turned to Compass Rose Staffing Inc.

"We're looking at giving second chances and helping to rebuild folks, rebuild their work history," said Phil Ganong, CEO of Compass Rose Staffing. "Get them out and get them employed, get them independent.

Nix said knowing someone believes in her has been a key part in her recovery.

"It's given me confidence that I can still work and I am able to do something," said Nix.

Compass Rose Staffing Inc. opened in April. It's a sister company to the sober living provider Compass Rose Recovery. CRSI said clients have to go through several steps before they are placed in a job, which includes regular drug testing, counseling and successfully completing volunteer work for 30 to 60 days.

CRSI currently works with the Salvation Army, Garden Pathways, Vanguard Community Center, Jesus Shack, Keep Bakersfield Beautiful and Habitat for Humanity.

The pastor at Vanguard Community Center said when he got a call from CRSI about working together; it just fit with what the church is trying to do.

"I thought it would be a win-win situation relationship, we're helping others and they're also helping us," said Watson.

CRSI said it is now hoping local businesses will hop on board.

"We're in the business of second chances," said Bachman. "Employers I've spoken with in the community of Bakersfield, I've noticed they've been given a second chance, and I would hate to see people not get a second chance because of somebody's fear of doing something different."

You can contact Compass Rose Staffing at (661) 637-1142.









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