New California law to allow wine tasting at farmers markets

Some farmers believe law could increase insurance

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A new law is making it possible for Californians to begin sipping on wine at farmers markets. 

The bill which was signed into law by Governor Brown on Tuesday allows for people to taste test wine and hard ciders at local farmers markets. 

For the last two years wineries have sold their bottles at local markets, but in order to increase business wine producers explain that customers must first taste the product before purchasing. 

One local farmer said he may consider the law but believes farmers markets should be set to selling fresh fruits and vegetables only. 

"Fruits and vegetables is farming artisan wineries are a separate thing," said Joe Denney, manager of the Valley Farmers' Market. 

Denney believes that being able to taste test the wine may increase insurance prices for local farmers markets as well. 

"If you have to serve alcoholic beverages then there's another form and fee schedule and that increases the cost of the local farmer," said Denney.  "We have all the fees we can afford right now."

The bill does limit what type of alchohol can be tested. Only wineries and cider makers who make 100 percent of the fruit in their produce can be allowed to test it at farmers markets. 

Wine tasting will also be limited to three ounces of wine per person per day and confined to a certain area of the market. 

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