New law empowers schools to stop cyber bullies

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A new state law gives schools more power when it comes to stopping cyber bullies.

AB 732 went into law January first but some local schools did not wait for the law to go into effect to take action.

Bakersfield City School District started empowering it's teachers to stop cyber bullying in the classroom last year when the bill was passed.

23ABC spoke with BCSD's Randall Ranes about their cyber bullying program. Ranes said, "it's a substantial concern because it's related to a variety of safety measures. We haven't had a lot of occurrences that have been substantiated but nonetheless it's part of our broader effort to make sure we have a positive school climate."

The new law gives state funded schools the power to suspend or expel cyber bully students as well as clarify the definition of cyber bullying.

The bill had no organized opposition and was backed by the California PTA  and California Teachers Association.



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