New mobile app allows users to date at their fingertips

GPS reveals if your potential match is nearby

Convenient dating is not a new concept. In fact, it started with 'The Dating Game,' a television dating show that first aired on ABC in the 1960's. However, living in the digital age has taken match-making to a whole new level.


"There's a new evolution of dating and it's not just social media, but it's apps and web and everything combined," Gabe Ulloa, a digital media expert at ARRC Technology, said.


Tinder is the hot new app that allows a person to rate a stranger by their appearance and if the feeling is mutual, a potential match is made. Your phone's GPS also tracks your location and tells you if your match is nearby. Ulloa said this feature, called geo-tagging, is not uncommon.


"Whether we are aware of it or not, our phone is usually tracking our location. It 's just that we are not quite publicizing it," Ulloa said.


With Tinder, a user can swipe their screen to the left if they are uninterested or swipe to the right to see if he or she is the one. However, some smartphone owners are hesitant to try the trend.


"Those kinds of apps are a double-edged sword because of how dangerous they can be and what you see isn't always what you get," Cody Garcia, a smartphone owner, said.


Michael Bean, a therapist at the Marriage and Family Center in Bakersfield said as long as you're honest, mobile dating can be very beneficial.


"Stick with the truth. Say what you are really interested in and where you are going with your life, not what you think will just attract a lot of people to your bio," Bean said.


It's always advised to meet a stranger in a public place and let others know where you are.

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