New proposed High Speed Rail plan could demolish Bakersfield Homeless Center

New plan could leave hundreds on the street

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Thursday morning the High Speed Rail Authority will gather again to review the $62 billion bullet train project.

Officials say the plan is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly route that would dodge many historical buildings.

Bakersfield Homeless Center's Director Louis Gill doesn't see the same perks to the project because the current route would plow through the center leaving hundreds of homeless with nowhere to go.

"We are full, we had 186 people here last night. There was almost 100 children in our beds. The need is here in this town, this facility needs to exist." 

The new blue prints could also hurt your property value.

City manager Alan Tandy told 23ABC, "somebody whose house is on this alignment would have to disclose this plan in a real estate transaction and it will clearly damage the value of their property.

Thursday morning's meeting starts at 10am in Fresno and officials say no final decision will be made at the board meeting.


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