New ruling makes it illegal to use your phone's GPS while you drive

Officers are cracking down on distracted drivers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It could now be cheaper to just ask for directions when you're lost.

According to a recent ruling by a Fresno court, the state's texting while driving rule now applies to your phone's GPS because it involves typing to get directions.

CHP officers will now be looking for drivers using those mobile maps and a ticket will cost you $157 for a first citation.

The new enforcement comes in time for this month's National Distracted Driving Awareness push to get your attention off your cell and back on the road.

Last year officers wrote nearly 60,000 tickets in April alone.

Think this ruling is too tough?

There's even stricter rules in the works.

One bill wants to eliminate voice-operated texting and a second bill aims at making all wireless devices illegal for people 18 and under to use while driving.


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