New street sign posts designed to deter theft of 'Goldenrod' and 'Twinleaf'

OILDALE - Residents in one Oildale neighborhood are concerned about an increase in stolen street signs. County Roads has been out several times in the area replacing a handful of signs that were stolen.

"This is becoming ridiculous, they put them up and three days later they're gone again," Edward James Carmichael.

After the county is notified of the stolen street sign they will initially replace it with the standard length pole.

After the street sign is stolen again they will replace it with a 12 foot pole. The taller pole length is meant to deter further theft.

"This keeps happening. We've called and called and finally they replaced them. It's not your normal street sign, and I think it looks bad,"said Minnie Mckibbon.

The county says they do not initially put the 12 foot poles in after the first theft because they have to make a new foundation. After the second theft they make the new the foundation and put in the taller pole because it is becoming a chronic problem in the area.

"I don't understand why people would even want them. If they took that Merle Haggard street sign, I could at least understand that, but this is just Goldenrod and Twinleaf," said Carmichael.

Within the last year the county has had to replace at least four street signs in the area.


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