New study announces most and least literate cities in America

Researchers studied 76 of nation's largest cities

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield already has a dubious reputation for bad air quality but now we've got another title to battle.

Researchers from Central Connecticut State University say we are the least literate city in the nation.

76 of the nation's largest cities were examined in the study.

Researchers looked at the city's population, amount of libraries and bookstores, high school and college education and how many people read newspapers.

We ranked among the lowest in newspaper circulation and median income.

The study also showed we were the highest in the nation when it comes to "low education" jobs like agriculture and oil. 


Most literate:

1) Washington, D.C.

2) Seattle, WA

3) Minneapolis, MN

4) Pittsburgh, PA

5) Denver, CO


Least literate:

1) Bakersfield, CA

2) Corpus Christi, TX

3) Stockton, CA

4) El Paso, TX

5) Anaheim, CA

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