New study reveals 6 million young adults not working nor in school

Local teenagers, parents react

According to a new study from the Opportunity Nation Coalition, almost six million young people are neither in school nor working. 


"I think we're a little bit lazy," Noah Wooten, a home-schooled student in Bakersfield, said.


Wooten said he has several friends who are unmotivated.


"They just sit at home and do nothing," he said.


Kaaren Shatswell, Noah's grandmother, thinks this changing dynamic doesn't mean young adults are completely at fault.


"Teenagers have a lot more to contend with these days than they did when I was growing up. There's so many more negative influences around them," Shatswell said. 


23ABC caught up with one 22-year-old who is not working or going to school and said it's a harsh reality check.


"We're just young and we don't want to think about growing up. But, sooner or later, reality is going to kick in and we're going to figure out what we're doing with our lives," she said.


Dr. Dean Haddock, Executive Director of Community Counseling, said the unemployment rate plays a role.


"When you can't find a job, you lose your motivation. Then, when you see your peer group who have been looking for jobs for a couple of years and they haven't found anything, it's kind of demoralizing," Haddock said.


However, many said proper parenting is also crucial.


"Give them choices but also be strict enough with them that they know they need to follow the right path and do the right thing," Shatswell said.

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