New technology will help law enforcement recover stolen items

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - New technology will soon be available in Kern County to help reduce property theft.

It's described as DNA for your property and it’s similar to microchips for pets.

The company behind CopDots is now reaching out to the Bakersfield Police Department, Tehachapi Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies hoping they will sign on to use the crime fighting tool.

CopDots are a James Bond like device on a mission to save homeowners from losing it all.

The tiny discs are smaller than a grain of sand and they are inside a pen you use to mark valuable items.

The dots are inside a pen that you use to mark your personal items.

"It basically is a liquid adhesive dispensed from the pen. Inside there is about 3,000 microdots. Each one is laser etched with a number,” said Seth Weinger, Southwest Regional Representative for DataDot Security Solutions.

That number links to a database allowing law enforcement to track and recover stolen items

"It's a real time live database so it doesn't matter if you're a victim of a crime here in Bakersfield and your property is recovered in San Diego, San Francisco, or Florida. Law enforcement will be able to find out who the owner is."

You can mark up to 50 items with just one pen, making those items less valuable to thieves. That’s something that could have helped Craig Davidson who became a victim of property theft three years ago.

"I just got home from work and found my house ransacked. Everything was turned upside down and there was nothing left,” said Bakersfield resident Craig Davidson.

It's an experience Davidson hopes he never has to relive, but he told 23ABC he would consider using CopDots for an extra layer of protection.

"When I bring things home now I am wondering how long will it be on the wall and how long are these items going to be in my possession before it happens again, so this is a good way of having comfort knowing if it does happen I can get my items back."

Law enforcement agencies don't endorse the technology, but Weinger hopes they will participate because Weinger told 23ABC there are warehouses across the country full of unclaimed stolen items.

Copdots launched on the East Coast back in August and will be available at Lowes in Kern County for less than $30.00 before Thanksgiving.

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