New water conservation efforts hits airwaves, billboards

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - May is "Save the Water" month and California's Department of Water Resources has launched a new way to fight our ongoing water crisis.

You might see billboards or hear radio ads reminding you to conserve water during the drought. The message is heard on nine different radio stations in Bakersfield, and it is all an effort to raise awareness on how you can save water.

"Washing the car at home, in your driveway, you can use an excess of 100 gallons of water," said JoAnna Smith, Cruz Thru Operations Manager. "Times that by a multi-car household, you're talking about extensive water waste."

Cruz Thru is a local car wash and it has gone green to help save as much water as possible.

"All the water run off, it's taken through reverse osmosis, and we recycle 48 percent of our water," said Smith.

People living in Bakersfield say that the "Save Our Water" campaign is working.

"It's helpful to the city and everyone else who lives here," said Bakersfield resident Albert Alvidrez.

The campaign is taking place statewide from Los Angeles to Capitol City and is in both English and Spanish.

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