New year car maintenance could create smoother ride in 2013

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - As the new year begins AAA has the checklist you need to go over before you hit the icy roads.

23ABC spoke with AAA's Bakersfield Branch Manager, Chere Smith, about why this is the time to get your car in good working condition.

Smith explained, "a fully charged battery is extremely important for the vehicle to start and run properly. So just a few minutes to check your battery and also the cables to the battery will prevent any problems in rainy or icy weather."

Checking your car's vital signs could be the difference between arriving at your destination safely or not at all, according to Smith, "it's just important all the way around to maintain your vehicle and to keep yourself safe and your family safe as we start out in 2013."

The 2013 checklist includes:


-Belts and Hoses

-Wiper Blades

-Heating and Cooling Systems

-Fluid Levels


AAA also suggested keeping first aid kits in your car at all times.


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