Norovirus is hitting Kern County


The flu is getting a lot of attention right now but there is another virus going around right now that’s even more contagious.

What most of us know as the stomach flu is actually the Norovirus.

“Its vomiting, diarrhea you feel like you are going to die but you usually don't," said Donna Fenton, Chief Environmental Health Specialist for Kern County.

This year, the strain of Norovirus making people sick is surprisingly vicious.

"The one that’s going around now which they are calling the Sidney 2012, it is particularly nasty it’s very contagious," Fenton said.

Local health experts said part of what makes Norovirus so contagious is that even after a person starts feeling better they can still give it to other people.

"You might start feeling better and then you go back to work or if you are among other people you could still be spreading the germs," Fenton said.

The virus can also live outside the body which means you could pick it up off of surfaces you touch every day.

Experts say the virus mutates quickly so there is no vaccine for it and if you get it experts say all you can really do is wait.

"They are just recommending that you rest get plenty, of fluids, don't let yourself get dehydrated," Fenton said.


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