North High School focuses on traffic improvement

When North High students return to school this fall, they will be met with some traffic and safety improvements along China Grade Loop.

The Kern County Roads department is currently working on the improvements that is partially funded through the school's modernization project.

The biggest safety improvement will be a new traffic signal at China Grade Loop and Stockton Avenue.

"This intersection is dangerous. Many people have been hit here and there's also been so many close calls," said Aeryk Stansbury, a former student.

There is a pedestrian crossing at that intersection, but other residents say traffic goes too fast, endangering the lives of students and others.

"I've almost been hit twice here. Why should I have to take my life in my hands every time I'm in the crosswalk," said Pamela Bishop, resident.

Other improvements in front of the school include street and sidewalk widening. Additionally, there will be a new passenger loading zone on west bound China Grade Loop, just west of Stockton Avenue.


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