Officers in Shafter investigate murder suicide

Two elderly people found dead in their home

SHAFTER, Calif. -  

The Shafter Police Department is investigating an apparent murder-suicide.  Officers say the bodies of two elderly people were found just after 7 a.m. Thursday and their deaths have left many community members in shock.

Shafter police say the bodies of an 84-year-old woman and an 86-year-old man were found inside their home, a place neighbors say they lived for several years.

Police are not releasing their names, but say the husband stabbed the wife a number of times and then hung himself.  This all happened on the 200 block of walnut street in Shafter.

Police say family members found the bodies after they went to their home to check up on them.

According to neighbors, the home was sold and the couple had plans to move into a nursing home.  The neighbor says the couple left behind three adult children.  Two live out east and their oldest daughter lives in Bakersfield.

A neighbor we spoke with – who did not want to be identified, says she is still in shock over their deaths.

“They were good people, good neighbors.  They attended church all the time.  I’m extremely hurt and I’m hurt for their children and for what they are going through right now,” said the neighbor.

She also tells us the 84-year-old woman use to be a teacher before retiring and her 86-year-old husband use to work in the oil fields.



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