Officials detect high levels of nitrate in county's groundwater

The State Water Resources Control Board has detected high levels of nitrate in groundwater throughout California, and Kern County happens to be one of those areas affected. 

State officials tested several areas five times, and found that Tulare and Los Angeles counties have high concentrations of nitrate contaminating their groundwater - many agricultural communities even have them in their wells.

Now the Environmental Protections Agency says most the nitrate contamination in drinking water comes from the runoff left from fertilizer use and the sporadic leaking from septic tanks. 

Nitrate contamination in drinking water can lead to major health problems, but only if the contamination levels are greater than the drinking water standards set by the EPA

Officials are currently working with water coalition groups across the state to come up with finalized maps to send out to the public. 

WATCH the above video for an interview with the director of the California Farm Water Coalition explaining how this contamination happened. 

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