Officials want to put a toll on 5 Freeway

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Driving through the grapevine could cost you more than a few gallons of gas if a new toll is approved.

Officials in Northern Los Angeles are considering a proposal to build a combination of tolls and car pool lanes along Interstate 5.

The tolls would affect a 13-mile street between Castaic and the 14 Freeway in both directions.

But, you won't be seeing any traffic jams at toll booths. The proposal instead includes the use of an electronic device called "FasTrak". The device allows drivers to pay electronically without stopping.

The device is mounted on a vehicle's windshield and read by an antennae. When the vehicle passes through, the driver's account is charged the proper amount.

If a vehicle does not have a toll tag, the system classifies it as a violator and cameras take photos of the vehicle and license plate for processing.

The system is used on the 110 Freeway in Southern California and also in the Bay area.

The money from the toll would allow the construction of several new lanes by 2019, instead of waiting 30 years for sales tax revenues provided by Measure R.

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