Oildale apartment complex wants 1 million "likes" on Facebook for pool upgrade

Only needs 999k more for heated pool

OILDALE, Calif. - An apartment complex in Oildale, California is shooting for the stars.

Whispering Meadows Apartment and Suites is a complex at China Grade Loop near Airport Drive. They have 240 units, a fitness center, covered assigned parking, private car wash, two laundry facilities, and two pools with two spas.

And now they want more.

Whispering Meadows management posed a challenge to residents: If their Facebook page gets one million "likes," they will get a heated pool.

But some people are skeptical.

"I love this place but it will never get 1 million likes in our lifetime," said one woman in a comment. "Even famous people on (Facebook) don't have a million likes."

Melissa Baca, Resident Manager for the complex said, "Social media is how people are moving forward and we're striving to be the best."

Baca said that she saw posts on Facebook where kids were posing with signs that said, "if this post gets 1 million likes, I get a new XBOX," and that's what sparked her idea.

Baca told 23ABC that when the managers posted the picture to their Facebook page  back in October 2013, they only had 14 likes on their page, and this has pushed their page to 113 likes. 

Baca said management is working with search engine giant Google to do an e-mail blast.

“We’re hoping to pay Google to e-mail the information out. If we can get people to do this, great! Our focus is our community."

Baca said the complex provides dinner for the residents during their weekly meetings. 

"We're constantly striving to be better and we put the excess money we get back into our facility," Baca told 23ABC.

Baca said they just finished putting in brand new granite countertops in every apartment.

Baca said she wants to make the whole entire facility solar so that the residents don't have to pay for power.

Baca said the heated pool will cost the complex $3,700.

Like Whispering Meadows Apartment and Suites Facebook page here.   (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whispering-Meadows-Apartments-and-Suites/119941931379098)

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