Oildale beautification continues, county leaders, community unveil flag pole

OILDALE, Calif. - North Chester Avenue in Oildale has been the focus of a beautification project over the last few years.

Third District Supervisor Mike Maggard, along with community and county leaders, unveiled the Oildale town square's 35-foot flag pole and monument.

"This town square and the park, the lighting and the upgrade to the neighborhood, there's a great source of pride," Maggard said.

This second phase includes the flag pole, the monument with a 16x16 bronze plaque, a concrete area for concerts and special events, raised flower beds and landscaping.

"Everybody is connected and everybody stays connected. That's how we keep poverty down and we're keeping crime down. A lot of positive things are happening in this community and we're just very thankful for it," Suzanne Lange, an Oildale resident, said.

The project has cost taxpayers about $1.4 million since 2011.

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