Oildale church group provides homeless community showers

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An Oildale church group is providing showers for the homeless community.

The pastor of the Church Without Walls said ever since the water in the river has been diverted many in the homeless community have no place to get clean. 

The portable showers, donated by Flood Ministries, operates every Thursday in the heart of Oildale on Roberts Lane between North Chester and Oildale Drive.

Organizers say each week more and more people show up. Today about 20 people came out to get a free shower. A team of volunteers from Church Without Walls and Flood Ministries sanitize the showers after each use then hand out clothes and toiletries.

Most of their clients are homeless, however, some come out because they have no working shower in their home.

The Church Without Walls is always looking for donations to help with toiletries, clothes and undergarments.

To make donations, contact Pastor Ben Hanna with the Church Without Walls at 661-932-2628 or drop them off at the church located at 325 Roberts Lane.


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