Oildale residents band together to clean-up city

Residents are set to clean-up city on Sept. 19

OILDALE, Calif. - A group of Oildale residents apart of the Oildale Leadership Alliance have started a project to help keep their city clean. 

The group has organized a new project, known as "I Love Oildale"  to clean-up areas north of Chester Avenue on September 19.

They hope to pressure wash sidewalks on both side of the street from Decatur Street to the railroad tracks on Norris Road.

"We've seen over the years how generations just do not care about the streets of Oildale, but there's a group of citizens that do care about Oildale and they want to bring that pride back...," said Anthony Cisneros, Oildale Leadership Alliance project manager. 

The alliance still needs help from volunteers and donations and is currently looking for 19 pressure washers and 140 volunteers to help on the clean-up day. 

To sign up, visit loveoildale.com .


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