Old Sunset Rail Line that runs near Taft getting face-lift

Everything that's old is new again.

That's certainly true of a rail line that runs near Taft, Calif.

The old Sunset rail line is being refurbished to do much the same job it did when it was first built.

The line was built around 1908 to ship petroleum products from the Taft oil fields to the rest of the nation.

The line also had passenger service which brought in a lot of oil workers and other people who live in Taft.

Now crews are rebuilding the line with the new heavier rail.

The rail line won't go all the way to Taft, but it will go to an important petroleum facility south east of Taft.

Oil will be shipped in from other parts of the country especially North Dakota and will then be transferred out of facility to a pipeline so the oil can be shipped to refineries in Northern and Southern California.

The project is bringing jobs and economic benefits to this part of Kern County.

The rail line is expected to be done in about three months.

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