One person dies, two others injured after plane forced to land in open field near Wikieup, Arizona

Area businessman and son hospitalized

SHAFTER, Calif. - A Bakersfield woman is dead and two others are hospitalized after the small plane they were all in made an emergency landing.

This all happened in an open area outside of Wikieup, Arizona as the aircraft was making its way to Shafter.

Investigators with the Mohave County Sheriff's office say the 13-year-old boy called dispatch to say his plane crashed with his mom and dad, and himself on board.

The single-engine plane carried Bakersfield business man, Vidson Chan, his wife Josephine and their son.

Early Thursday, the plane made a forced landing about three miles southeast of Wikieup, Arizona after authorities say it was experiencing engine problems.

Officials with the federal aviation administration say the plane was registered to Chan.

They say the plane landed in an open area. Josephine was killed in the accident, while Chan and his son obtained serious injuries.

We spoke to neighbors at Chan's Bakersfield business Cosmo Steelworks who say they really didn't know the man.  Others say he was quiet and kept to himself.

They didn't want to appear on camera, but say they hope Chan and his son are able to recover quickly.

A spokesperson for the FAA says Chan was airlifted to a medical facility in Las Vegas.  While the 13-year-old boy was airlifted to a medical facility in Phoenix.

It's unclear tonight if anyone will be running Chan's business in his absence.

UPDATE: Chan's wife, Josephine and their children are very active members of First Presbyterian Church, especially the Chinese Christian Church of Bakersfield.  We're learning that Vidson served as an elder and Josephine was a deacon.  

"Right now it's a difficult time for the family. We can pray for healing, comfort and peace. Right now that's all we can do," said Jeff Chandler, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

On Friday 23 ABC spoke to Chan's neighbors about the incident. Many of them were astonished when they found out about the accident.

"It's shocking, because they are such a young family. You just never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball," said Floyd Morrison.




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