One week into fire season, several brush fires spark around Kern County

2013 fire season ignites swiftly

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Just five days into 2013's fire season flames and smoke were popping up all around the county.

Thursday's Bottom Fire along Kern River Parkway scorched approximately 20 acres and hundreds of livestock and residents we're forced to evacuate, according to Kern County Fire officials.

The Bottom Fire was just one of several fires ignited throughout the first week.

To help make sure your home is fire season ready 23 ABC spoke with Kern County Fire's Corey Wilford.

Wilford explained clearing at least 30ft of brush away from your home was a great start but not the only measure you should take.

Also keep gutters clear of any dry leaves and make sure your address is clearly visible for first responders to see.

Wilford believes this will be an intense fire season and every household should have an evacuation plan in order.


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