Online dating can be easy, but very dangers for many people

Finding ways to avoid meeting the wrong person


Many dating sites are created to help make meeting someone new that much easier, but it could also put you at risk for danger.


Erika Vice has surfed the web for years, on a mission to find true love.


“I’m not much into the bar scene at my age and I just wanted to find something different,” she said.


Vice received several responses to her personal ad, but was very careful in replying to online users.


“Not everybody is up front, a lot of people like to tell stories and make themselves bigger than what they actually are and so, what you read about them or what they write back to you may not always be the truth,” said Vice.


Meeting a potential partner can be an easy, yet a dangers thing to do which is why authorities urge any type of meeting to happen in a public setting.


“Another step that someone can utilize when they are using a dating website is to do your research, utilize search engines and social networking sites to determine this person you are meeting is in fact the person they claim to be," said Michaela Beard with the Bakersfield Police Department.


“I’d hear about people who had negative experiences like someone starts stalking them and I thought of all the times I took risks and I could have been hurt, but I wasn’t.  This makes me realize, wow there’s a lot of bad stuff out there, but I could of happen to me. I was very lucky,” said Porter.


After a long search, Porter met her boyfriend of two years now and says it just didn't happen over night.


“I got a lot of misses.  I discover who people really are and how shallow some people really are and superficial and then there are some real genuine nice people, looking for a nice person,” she said.

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