Organization offers low-income children a head start in a new location

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Many low-income children don't have the tools they need to succeed, which is why the Community Action Partnership of Kern is giving them a much needed hand.

Saturday was the grand opening of the agency's East Bakersfield Cal Head Start Center.

It will provide education services to low-income children between three and five years old.

The goal is to help children develop reading and math skills early on.

"There's a great need. There's typically 83 children living below the poverty line in this area, and we just want to give those children an opportunity to get ahead start and get school readiness and be prepared for kindergarten when it starts," said Sandra Wafford-Pinkins, program manager.

If you think your child could benefit from this program, visit the center located at 1900 East California Ave.


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