Over $1M in steroid pill bottles, vials found in Arvin drug bust

APD received tip of suspicious activity

ARVIN, Calif. - The Arvin Police Department seized thousands of steroid pill bottles and vials filled with liquid steroids during a drug bust on Tuesday.

Officers said they went to a house in the 500 block of Peace Street after receiving a tip from a district attorney investigator about suspicious activity. 

Police said they found 1,547 bottles of steroid capsules, worth about $1.23 million.  They say they also found 1,107 of vials with liquid steroids, worth about $88,500. Officers said the drugs are all anabolic steroids.

Officials believe the distribution was not local because boxing and shipping equipment was also found on site.

Police also recovered two firearms and a book on marketing.

APD has not made any arrests in what has been deemed the biggest drug bust an officer can remember.  

Neighbors said they only saw one large, muscular man at the home.

Officials said 29-year-old Michael Robert Breitel is their only person of interest at this time.

Police said it is possible the case could be turned over to Federal officials.

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