Oxy oil subsidiary investigated over fracking video

May be held liable for any violations

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An Oxy subsidiary is under investigation after video surfaced of workers allegedly discharging hydraulic fracking wastewater into an unlined retention pond in Shafter.

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board issued the investigative enforcement order to Vintage Production California, which is conducting hydraulic fracking in a recently drilled oil well near Shafter and the North Shafter Oil Field in Kern County.

The Board issued the order after a YouTube video was brought to its attention, which shows what appears to significant quantities of hydraulic fracking wastewater being dumped into the unlined pond in violation of California Water Code and water quality regulations.

Hydraulic fracking wastewater is usually stored in portable tanks, which are designed to protect surface and ground water quality.

“When any unpermitted water discharge activities are brought to our attention, especially one that may involve hazardous materials, we will move swiftly to ensure our regional surface and ground waters are not compromised,” said Central Valley Water Board Executive Officer Pamela Creedon.

“Following our investigation we will take the appropriate steps, which could result in the issuance of one or more enforcement orders that may include a cease and desist order, a cleanup and abatement order, and may also include civil liabilities.”

Vintage Production California has until May 6th to respond to the order.

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