Packing Protection: Seniors turn to guns to feel safe

Senior citizens are seen as easy target for crime

When Shirley Logrecco and her group gather to sing at the area nursing homes, she knows the peace that a song or a few words can bring. But for a great-grandmother of five, her peace of mind comes from a gun.
You see, this granny has a gun. 
"Bad guys view them as an easy target," said Becky Powers, a firearms instructor. "I see the the 70-year-old woman as an easier target so she needs to have options to defend herself."
Powers says that's exactly what's prompting many older women to become gun owners.
"This gun is powerful enough that if I have to use it, it will stop people," said Loggreco. 
Power says training is key, something Logrecco has passionately pursued, and says she now has total confidence in herself and her glock.
But senior safety instructor Sandy Morris says gun ownership is not what she recommends for most seniors. 
"I don't think it's necessary," said Morris. "You can be just as safe with a whistle on your keychain."
Even Morris, who is reluctant to encourage gun ownership, admits to keeping a shotgun at the ready under her own bed.
"And if they come in my room, they're going to hear that puppy ratchet," she said. 


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