Palm tree falls and injures woman in Central Bakersfield

Woman said she plans to sue city for injuries

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A central Bakersfield woman is recovering after she claims part of a palm tree fell and injured her Friday.

Chelsa Wilkes -- who lives on the corner of 4th and K Street -- told 23ABC she was walking into her home when parts of a tree trunk fell on top of her.

"I guess... it all happened so fast that all I remember was me being underneath the gravel. I was like somebody help me, that all i could do was ask for someone to help me," recalled Wilkes.

According to Wilkes, the tree -- which sits across the street from her house -- belongs to the city. She said she wants something to be done before somebody else gets hurt.

"I'm fearful that it will fall on my grandson who is out there or my daughter, so I don't know what I'm suppose to do," said Wilkes.

23ABC reached out to Bakersfield's Parks and Recreation department to see what steps Wilkes could take to help fix the tree, but we did not hear back.

According to the city's website, if the tree is considered city property, the city will come out to evaluate it and take necessary action.

Wilkes says she suffered a concussion and twisted ankle. She also says she plans to take legal action against the city.

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